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Welcome to the School of Interactive Design, your resources for world class game design education. Whether it's your goal to work for a major game studio creating games for popular consoles like Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo, or you just wanted to create your own indie games that you can publish to the iTunes and Android App stores, our training provides the tools and techniques you need to become a skilled game designer.

What our students think

  • "I just finished the Introduction to Game Design training and I am officially hooked. Your tutorials are the best I have seen. Thank you for not boring me to death. You guys get right to the point and that really helps me learn. Can't wait to learn more."

    Trish Perkens age 23
  • "I have been a student of your site for 2 weeks now and I am amazed at how much I've learned. I've already created several iPhone games I am showing off to my friends and family. You guys have been awesome! "

    Mella Hendrix age 17
  • " Your training rocks! By far the easiest game education I have come across. Please never stop doing what you are doing. I'm truly having a blast learning form your site."

    Jerry Fisher age 32
  • " Thank you for all of the great training! I have always wanted to develop video games but I never knew where to start. Your tutorials are fun and easy to learn from. Thank you for making this so easy! "

    Avery Richards age 25
  • "I want to thank all of my teachers here at the School of Interactive Design. Thank you for helping me make my first iPhone game so awesome. I can't wait to make more games!"

    Kelly Trimmer age 7
  • I have nothing but praise for your site and your instructors. My autistic son has already made several video games from your training. Thank you for making your lessons so easy to learn from! With love!

    Mandy Thomas age 47
  • "Your training has been nothing but awesome. I've been trying to get into game design for over a year now, and you guys are the only school that makes the process super easy and fun."

    Eric Andrews age 15
  • "So well done! What more can I say about the fantastic instruction and support all of you guys have given me! It's been my life's dream to design video games!"

    Harrison Folley age 25
  • "I wanted to make an Android game by the end of the summer and you guys taught me how to make it in just a few hours. Now I can make a ton of other awesome video games. Thank you for making this game design school, I really love it!"

    Jammal Ortiz age 9
  • "I honestly didn't think it was possible to develop advanced video games without spending a ton of money on a college. I am learned more with you guys over the past month, then I did over the last 2 years at my art school which claims to have one of the best game design programs around"

    Deina Renllads age 22

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